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Gnosis is the common Greek noun for "knowledge"!

Our name, EasyGnosis, is what we provide, "easy knowledge" of the Greek language, using online real-time lessons with the teacher of your preference! We do not just provide the learning material but also the human interaction with your teacher, that is a vital part in learning a language and moreover, a culture!

We create a virtual classroom at your own place, with video and audio facilities, whiteboard, chat, co-browsing and numerous other options. You choose the course, the level, the teacher, the day, the time of the lesson ... you are the master of your own course!

Easygnosis covers all levels of Modern Greek, from total beginners to absolutely advanced! We provide Touristic Greek courses for people who just want to communicate in their holidays. We also take care of your Business needs, teaching you terminology and special phrases of your profession! Last but surely not least, Easygnosis offers you a unique trip back in time with lessons in Ancient Greek, the language spoken by Plato, Socrates, Homer and so many others!



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