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Touristic Greek
TOURISTIC GREEK is the ideal type of lessons for Greek culture and language lovers, for visitors, for holiday makers, for everyone!

Short live online courses to help you learn the most useful conversations and make your stay in Greece a real pleasure!

Easy, fun and interesting online courses and packages with the teacher of your choice that guarantee quick progress!
Modern Greek
MODERN GREEK is the official, the "proper" way to learn the Greek language!

That means that you will follow the standards of the Greek Ministry of Education, take levels A1 to C2 and you will be equiped to take exams at all these levels.

If this is not your utter goal, we assure you that after completing these online live courses you will be equiped with all the knowledge to speak, write and read equally well as native Greeks!
Business Greek
BUSINESS GREEK provide specialized terminology on the Greek language for professional use.

Each online course is designed uniquely for the customer or for a group of customers! Our teachers will help you meet the needs of your business sector, and our live lessons will give you the freedom to learn what is needed to become more competitive at your job.

Ideal courses for people with high professional requirements and expectations!
Ancient Greek
● Do you want to walk the steps of Socrates and Aristoteles in ancient Athens?

● Wish to see history through the eyes of Homer and Herodotous?

● Discover Mathematics with the mind of Pythagoras and Archimides?

Esygnosis' Ancient Greek online lessons offer you a unique trip in time, start now and be part of history!
Greek Art
A set of courses dedicated to

• Greek Literature
• traditional Music
• ancient and modern Architecture
• painting and sculpture

... and many more of the modern and ancient types of Art of Greece!

Request your own Greek Art course and our expert tutors will bring it to you within 3 days!

A must-see!
Greek History
Greek History courses focusing on the

• famous Greek personalities
• historic monuments
• greatest achievements
• unforgettable battles

of the different historic periods of Greece!

You can "dig" deep inside Greek history through the centuries with these special courses!

Request your own Greek History course and our expert tutors will bring it to you within 3 days!
Customs and Traditions
These courses offer the easiest way to understand in depth Greece and Greeks!

• how people think, behave and react
• traditional cooking
• greek dances
• religion in past and present
• celebration days and anniversaries

... and more secrets of the Greek culture are revealed in just few lessons!

Once you start them you will not stop!

Request your own Greek Custom and Traditions course and our expert tutors will bring it to you within 3 days!

Available Courses
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