Teaches: Greek Art, Customs and Traditions

Native language: Greek

Speaks: English (Proficient), French (Advanced), Spanish (Basic)

Age: 33 years old

Gender: Female

Teaching Experience: 11 years

Short description:
My name is Monica Karachaliou. I have 11 years of teaching experience in different fields and age groups. I am here to make your touristic experience in Greece an unforgettable memory!
Detailed description:
Art and tradition are my passion! I am a qualified architect which a PhD in Art History. Teaching has always been a priority in my career. I have been teaching various course in British and Greek academic institutions. Therefore, I am familiar with many European cultures and styles of living. Together we will find the way to gain as much as possible while visiting Greece.
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Teacher's available courses:
• Greece Across the Ages
Language: Greek Art
Level: No level
Description: Discover the secrets of all civilizations which developed in the Greek peninsula across the centuries. Indulge in the architecture, sculpture, minor arts, and religious practices of the Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenean, Ancient Greek and Byzantine civilization.
Single lesson:
Credits: 25
Price: 25.00€
Duration: 12 hours
Credits: 300
Price: 300.00€
Buy a single lesson 25.00€
Lesson Hours
Buy a lesson course 300.00€

• Greek Culture-The main calendar
Language: Customs and Traditions
Level: No Level
Description: Learn about the Greek National Days, the meaning of name days, the celebration of Christmas and Easter, our carnival, and local customs according to the region.
Single lesson:
Credits: 20
Price: 20.00€
Duration: 8 hours
Credits: 151
Price: 151.00€
Regular course price: 160 credits (You have 6.00% discount, save 9.00€)
Buy a single lesson 20.00€
Lesson Hours
Buy a lesson course 151.00€

Available Courses
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