Teaches: Touristic Greek, Modern Greek

Native language: Greek

Speaks: English (Proficient), French (Proficient)

Age: 44 years old

Gender: Male

Teaching Experience: 15 years

Short description:
Hello, my name is Vassilis and I have more than 10 years of experience as a teacher for Greek as foreign/second language.
Detailed description:
After graduating in History and Greek language at the University of Athens I started teaching at a Greek private school as well as at Lycee Franco-Hellenique (LFH). Meanwhile I'm mostly teaching Greek language within a EU programme for foreigners in Athens or giving private lessons to foreigners living and working in Greece.

Thanks to my profound knowledge of Greek history and language as well as the Greek country and society my students never get bored since it's not only about the Greek language but also informations, background and fun.

I'm flexible and passionate about my work and looking forward to hearing from you.
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Teacher's available courses:
• Modern Greek • A2 Basic
Duration: 30 hours
Credits: 900
Price: 900.00€
Buy a lesson course 900.00€

• Sports Addicts
Language: Touristic Greek
Level: Basic
Description: Let's make greek lessons more interesting.For you who like sports and for runners who are planning το visit Grece for a race, a 10 hours course is prepared especially for you.
Single lesson:
Credits: 30
Price: 30.00€
Duration: 10 hours
Credits: 300
Price: 300.00€
Buy a single lesson 30.00€
Lesson Hours
Buy a lesson course 300.00€

• Modern Greek • A1 Basic
Description: This course is aimed at people from all over the world who wish to become familiar with and learn the Greek language in its contemporary form. The lessons will range from the Greek alphabet to basic knowledge required for everyday communication.
Single lesson:
Credits: 25
Price: 25.00€
Duration: 20 hours
Credits: 500
Price: 500.00€
Buy a single lesson 25.00€
Lesson Hours
Buy a lesson course 500.00€

Available Courses
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