Teaches: Business Greek

Native language: Greek

Speaks: English (Proficient), German (Proficient), Swedish (Intermediate)

Age: 46 years old

Gender: Male

Teaching Experience: 12 years

Short description:
Gaining work-related experience is essential. If you're interested in teaching, you should contact schools directly to ask for work experience. It is also a good idea to make contact through your family and friends.
Detailed description:
Teaching is a very complex activity. It involves planning for learning, organizing materials, prioritizing ideas, interacting with students, learning to "monitor and adjust", "differentiate instruction" for students of various abilities, and learning how to accomplish goals that sometimes seem to be mutually exclusive, all while keeping "control" of a class and meeting the expectations of parents, administrators, and peers. Real-world practice in ANY of these skills is beneficial to future teachers. TA and tutoring experience, work with scouts and youth groups, class presentations that include responsibility for assessing the learning of the audience, and a variety of related experiences are all helpful. Work in schools, especially work that involves more than observation, is particularly beneficial: experienced teachers make it look much easier than it is, and future observations are much more worthwhile after a student has had some experience. Science students were often "good at science", and were often in "honors" courses, so it's especially valuable for them to work with classes or students who struggle with science. While it is important for future teachers to be enthusiastic about their subject, they will be expected to work with all kinds of students, so it's important that they find out whether they genuinely like working with students.
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Teacher's available courses:
• Toms business
Language: Business Greek
Level: B Basic
Duration: 50 hours
Credits: 1080
Price: 1080.00€
Regular course price: 1500 credits (You have 28.00% discount, save 420.00€)
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