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To book a lesson simply follow the next 5 steps:

  1. Choose the type of Greek you want to learn.
  2. Choose the level of Greek or book a trial lesson to determine it with the help of a teacher.
  3. Choose a teacher.
  4. Choose the day and the time of the lesson.
  5. Start learning Greek, it is Easy, Fast and definately Fun!

Each course (lesson package) is designed to reach a specific learning goal within certain teaching hours. Dedication and continuation are main factors in succeeding, and Easygnosis assists your commitment with discounts in all courses!

Once you decide on your preferable teacher you can book the lesson package directly from the teacher’s profile, getting a discount for your commitment.

There are 2 ways you can make a payment to Easygnosis, use your Paypal account or pay directly by credit card.

Of course you can, your opinion matters to us!

After each lesson you can evaluate the teacher and the learning process, answering 6 questions . Easygnosis assesses the answers and takes action to your benefit whenever needed.

Easygnosis gives the opportunity for a free trial of the virtual classroom, the video conference and the teacher.

To book a Trial Lesson you simply search for the teacher that has this option
activated, choose a day and a time for the lesson and have a lesson with the
teacher at the predefined time!

Each Trial Lesson lasts for 30 minutes and every student is allowed to have
1 Free trial lesson.

We want our students to feel comfortable with their choices and absolutely safe! We will discuss any issues you have with the site or with the teachers, we can give you alternate options to continue you lessons in case of dissatisfaction, we will ensure an answer within 48 hours! And of course we will reimburse any money within 10 days of your payment if no lesson has taken place.

Α lesson can be cancelled by the student if the cancellation is made up to six hours prior to the implementation of the lesson. The teacher and the student will come in a mutual agreement for the rearrangement of the lesson.

Go to Set lesson time on your profile and choose the lesson you intend to cancel.


When the time of the lesson appears on the schedule you can click on it and immediatly the Cancel Lesson option will appear.

When logging into your profile, you can immediately see the remaining credits on the top   of the page.Every time you take a lesson they will automatically be substracted from the total.



Our teachers are not only highly qualified but also highly responsible!

In the unlikely event that a teacher will not appear at the scheduled time, the lesson will be rescheduled and Easygnosis will investigate whether the reasons for this absence are justified or not.

No worries at all!

You can get a new password just by clicking on the
Forgot Password / Username button and you will be a ble to retrieve
the missing data or set up a new password, always personal and safe
but easier to remember next time!


Easygnosis takes great pride of the quality, the experience and the qualifications of its teachers! Each one is carefully selected and trained in order to offer you the best online services, using the most recent teaching methods!

We guarantee that our teachers will "drive" you to a wonderful learning trip from A to Ω, teach you how to read, write and speak in the most efficient way!

Uploading or changing your picture is easy! When you enter your profile the first picture you see is your profile picture. Press the Change photo button to enter a picture or change the existing one!



Please check the mail you have registered with us. If it has been mistyped we will not be able to inform you about upcoming news and useful information.

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