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Easygnosis sets as its higher priority the quality of service it offers and values greatly the satisfaction of its students. Through a careful and thorough selection of highly qualified teachers and the incorporation of the latest technological means, Easygnosis designates to ensure that learning the Greek and Ancient Greek language will be a joyful and fruitful experience.

We do realize though, that sometimes small issues might emerge between a student and a teacher.

Having that in mind and believing that the customer is always our first and most important priority, we introduced the Student Protection Program. With this amazing scheme, Easygnosis intervenes to solve the problem with the teacher, letting the student focus on the enjoyment of learning.

Quickly: Report your issue to our customer support. From that point and on your problem becomes our problem.

Efficiently: We will discuss it with the teacher to resolve in the most appropriate manner. A series of alternative solutions that best suits your needs will be at your disposal. 

Win –Win Situation: You do not have to pay anything. It is included with your Easygnosis lessons purchases. We believe that every problem has a solution. In your case, the solutions will be more than one.



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