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Easygnosis offers 4 kind of Greek courses


This is the structured way to learn Greek, following the suggested path of the Greek language standards. You start from A and you will get as far as you want, preferably to Ω! You will be able to read, write and speak the way Greeks do! If your desire is to get a diploma, we prepare you for any official Greek language exams and teach you all aspects of the language!


Touristic greek are specially designed for all of you who want to learn fast the essentials of the greek language, the basic phrases that will enable you to communicate with the locals. The courses are designed by our experienced teachers and will make you feel "at home" quickly, by focusing only on material that you will need during your short or longer holiday in Greece! Order food and drink, find directions, meet and greet, use emergency, and all possible activities! A must see!


If you come to Greece to work and you desire to familiarise yourself with special termonology then Business Greek is what you need. Our specially trained teachers will help you feel closer to your business sector, answer your questions and remove all fear that comes with "the unknown".


Ancient Greek lessons is one more unique service in our site! We offer lessons in one of the most ancient living languages in the world, its poetry, literature and history. We take you to a dream trip back in time through the language, we are the online bridge between Now and Then!

Available Courses
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